Account Manager

We are seeking an Account Manager to join our team. You’ll be responsible for the agency’s day-to-day aspects of account management, fostering clear, consistent communication between our agency and our clients.

You have mastered the ability to be direct yet diplomatic. You are someone who is known for jumping right in and taking responsibility, determining which tasks are the most important to drive business forward.

You have a deep understanding of not only budgets, timelines, and communication, but can also see a path forward for your clients by hearing what they truly need — earning trust and developing relationships with several clients at once is expected.

You are confident in your instincts and quick on your feet, with a track record of successfully using sound judgment to make good decisions.

It’s impossible to list all the things that make up a successful Account Manager. Still, we think being personable, organized, diplomatic, resourceful, and strategic are at the top of the list.

We’re glad you made it this far. So, if you’re stoked every day about experiencing new opportunities and meeting challenges head-on, then you may be the right human for Plastic Sunshine, and we need to chat.


We are an equal opportunity employer. Plastic Sunshine was built with inclusion, equality, and respect as part of our core values. Our aspiration has always been to create a platform that embodies a more global point of view. Our work and its impact are much stronger when it reflects what is happening not just in our neighborhood, but in the world at large. We believe diverse points of view make the world greater. As we continue to learn, grow, and evolve, we remain committed to a futurestate of equality, justice, and freedom.

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